About La Tieule

The community of La Tieule is located in the district of La Canourgue, belonging to the Mende region, that covers 2400 hectares at an average altitude of 900 meters. There are approximately 100 total inhabitants in a community of 7 hamlets, Longviala, La Fagette, Pertuzades, Malavialette, La Foulquière, Le Duc, and the hamlet of La Tieule where our property is located.

In 1654

Pierre Ladet, chanoine de Mirepoix en Ariège, built a chapel in La Tieule dedicated to St Barthélemy. He was in fact born in the house where our dining room is. The house provided a home to members of clergy for many years (which is how it became a monastery) as well as the farmers who were providing for them.

In 1789

The collection of buildings became an important dairy farm that grew through the generations.

In 1995

The Basset family bought the ancient property and transformed it into a stables breeding Arabian horses destined for endurance races and thus created Les Écuries de Sauveterre. The property also served as a Ferme Auberge during this time.

Between 2006 and 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Rivoire further transformed the property into chambres d’hôtes and gites.

In September 2015

We moved to “Les Ecuries de Sauveterre” and assumed the reins . We are excited about continuing to develop the Bed and Breakfast and self-catering accommodation as well as launch a variety of new group activities, both fitness and photography related.

Sally & Family